Staff colony policy



  1. The accommodation in the Staff Colony is only available for the Company employees and their family members. 


  1. No relatives or siblings are allowed into the premises/room to stay without prior permission of Manager.


  • Company will pay Rs.200 additionally as Gas charges to the employees who are staying in the colony accommodation provided by the company.


  1. The cost of Electricity usage up to 100 units will be borne by the company. Additional charges against consumption of Electricity of more than 100 units will be liable to deduct the amount as per the extra unit consumption as per the rate charged by the electricity supply company from the salary of respective employees who has been allotted the flat/ accommodation.


  1. Employee who has been provided accommodation in the Staff Colony has to provide the ID Proof and permanent residence proof himself and his family members who are going to reside with the staff in the colony.


  1. Staff/Resident has to follow the rules and regulations instructed by the company


  • Employees has to submit police verification report before getting the position of the room


  • Staff/Resident shall keep the unit clean, sanitary and free from objectionable odors at all times.


  1. Staff/Resident shall refrain from creating, or allowing to be created, any noise that is disturbing to other Staff/Resident s 


  1. Staff/Resident shall not make or allow any excessive noise in the unit nor permit any actions which will interfere with the rights comforts or conveniences of other persons


  1. Room shall refrain from playing musical instruments, television sets, stereos, radios, and other entertainment items at a volume which will disturb other personnel


  • SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED in the Room and colony.


  • Staff/Resident s will be responsible for permanent odorscaused by cooking, smoking, or pets.


  • Staff/Resident himself/herself will be responsible for the security of his and his family. 


  1. Company/Property manager assumes no responsibility or liability, unless otherwise provided by law, for Staff/Resident s’ safety and security, or for injury or damage caused by criminal acts         of other persons.


  • Staff/Resident s are prohibited from drinking alcohol around building premises outside of Staff/Resident ’s apartment.


  • Staff/Resident s shall refrain from using illegal drugs or the selling illegal drugs in or around building premises.


  • Staff/Resident should ensure that all doors are locked during Staff/Resident ’s absence.


  • Staff/Resident should ensure that all appliances are turned off before departing from the premises.


  1. When leaving for an extended period, Staff/Resident should notify the company/Property manager how long Staff/Resident will be away.


  • Prior to any planned absence from the unit, Staff/Resident shall give Company/Property manager authority to all entry to the unit to any person or provide Company/Property manager with the name of any person or entity permitted by Staff/Resident to enter the unit.


  • Staff/Resident shall refrain from smoking in bed.


  • Staff/Resident shall refrain from using or storing gasoline cleaning solvent or other combustibles in the unit.


  • Staff/Resident shall refrain from using charcoal barbecues o porches, balconies or patios adjacent to building if such use would constitute a fire hazard.


  • Staff/Resident shall ensure that no personal belongings, including bicycles, play equipment or other items shall be left unattended in the halls, garage area, or about the building.


  • Staff/Resident s are not allowed to sublet their apartment at any time.


  • Staff/Resident s shall refrain from accessing the roof and fire escape areas unless for emergencies purposes. 


  • Staff/Residents are prohibited from congregating on the roof, drinking alcohol, barbequing, smoking, starting fires or leaving garbage in and around roof and fire escape area. 


  • Any Staff/Resident found responsible for violating the roof and fire escape rules will be reported immediately to the Police Department and will be grounds for immediate termination of their agreement and / or eviction.


  • Staff/Resident shall advise Company/Property manager of any items requiring repair, such as dripping faucets or light switches. Staff/Resident shall make repair requests as soon after the defect is noted as is practical.


  • Staff/Resident shall refrain from making service request to maintenance personnel unless Staff/Resident is directed to do so by Company/Property manager.


  • Staff/Resident shall refrain from making any alterations or improvements to the unit without the consent of Company/Property manager.


  • Staff/Resident shall refrain from using adhesives, glue or tape to affix pictures or decorations.


  • Staff/Resident shall refrain from using aluminium foil as a window covering and shall obtain the approval of Company/Property manager before using any window covering visible from the exterior of the building.


  • Staff/Resident shall only use assigned parking spaces and shall ensure that park their vehicle only in unassigned areas or designated parking areas. 


  • Staff/Resident shall ensure that posted and designated fire zones or “No Parking” areas remain clear of vehicles at all times. 


  • Staff/Resident shall refrain from parking in unauthorized areas or in another Staff/Resident ’s designated parking space. (Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas or in another Staff/Resident ’s space may be towed away at the vehicle company/Property manager ’s expense.)


  • Staff/Resident s, who park in carports or on street parking, park their vehicles at their own risk. 


  • The Property Company/Property manager, or Property Manager are not responsible for any damages to Staff/Resident ’s vehicles due to theft or vandalism.


  1. Staff/Resident s are prohibited from making any auto repairs in carports or around building premises. This includes street Parking area in or around building premises.


  • Staff/Resident s are responsible for cleaning up any oil spills caused by leaks from their vehicle. Staff/Resident s will also be responsible for the cost to clean up any damaged area caused by oil or        any other fluids leaking from their automobile.


  • ALLautomobiles parked on the premises must have parking sticker, current registration, Valid PUC Certificate and be in operable condition.


  • There is to be no guest parking on the premises. All guests must park on the street. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed away.


  • Staff/Resident vehicle(s) must fit within the designated parking space. Vehicles that block, hinder or prohibit the use of the parking area by other Staff/Resident s are not allowed.


  • Staff/Resident is responsible for all keys to the apartment building and apartment unit. 


  • If Staff/Resident is locked out of his or her apartment unit or has had their keys lost or stolen, Staff/Resident will be responsible for calling a locksmith to gain. Entry or replace the lock. The Staff/Resident is responsible for all costs and must provide to Company WITH COPY OF NEW KEY (S.)




  • In the event that a Staff/Resident is replacing a roommate or has requested to add a new person to the agreement, the new roommate is required to submit a signed and completed application, copy of valid ID Proof and Permanent Staff/Resident Proof with 3 Passport size photographs to the company.


  • Staff/Residents are required to break down all cardboard boxes and put in proper recycling containers.


  1. Staff/Resident s are required to separate recycled materials including glass, plastic and aluminium and place in proper Storage containers.


  1. Upon MOVE OUT, Staff/Residents are required to dispose of any house hold items, trash, garbage at their own cost and will be charged a hauling fee if items take up the garbage or recycled containers.


  • Staff/Resident s are not allowed to change the Room without prior approval of Manager.


  • Staff/Resident s shall have to vacant the Room allotted by the company at the time of his Resignation / Termination or Transfer within 7 days from the said effect date.








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