Leave Policy


To incorporate a few changes in the existing features of the policy through leave addendum.

Leave Entitlement for the year - Total leaves per employee for the year:
 30 Earned/Paid Leaves
 5 Paternity Leaves
 11 Public Holidays
Salient Features:-
 All employees need to mandatorily utilize 5 days of leave every calendar year. If not availed, these 5 days will lapse on December 31st.
 Carried forward leaves are limited to 30 days per calendar year.
 Leave Encashment will not be allowed at the end of the year. Only allowed in case of resignation or retirement.
 Employees on probation can avail leave in case of sickness, or in case of emergency subject to management’s discretion and approval. Entitlement is pro-rata from their date of joining.
 Employees need to compulsorily take a minimum of 5 consecutive working days holiday at least once in each calendar year.
 All leaves need prior approval from the supervisor / line manager and should be recorded in Workday. In case of sickness and emergency (exceptional circumstances), the employee needs to inform the supervisor as soon as possible and record the leave in the system immediately on returning to duty. If the employee is not back in the office before the 1st of the next month, the supervisor will record that leave in the system on the employee’s behalf so that the leave records are updated on time.
 In the case of an emergency, employees must notify their line manager as soon as practicable of their absence. If they do not call within 4 hours of the scheduled time, they will be marked absent for the day. Salary will be deducted even if there is leave available.
 Employees need to submit a Medical Certificate to their supervisor in case they avail more than 3 days leave under sickness.
 Planned long leaves plan must be set at the beginning of the year with the supervisor and should be approved two weeks before the date from which the leave is to commence.
 Employees can avail a maximum of 10 working days of leave at one time, subject to superior’s approval and discretion.
 Any leave request of more than 10 working days will be treated as a special leave request and is subject to approval and discretion of the management.
 Superior’s approval is guided by the criticality of the situation and the business requirements.
 Management can take a discretionary decision on the maximum leaves availed by an employee and may review the time limit. However, this will be on a case to case basis and not set by any precedence.
 During notice period employees should not avail leave. If they do, at the discretion & approval of their line manager their notice period will be further extended by the number of leave days availed.
 Paternity leave will be a maximum of 5 working days and should be availed within 3 months from the date of child birth. It will be also for a maximum of 2 children
Human Resource Policies
Any exceptions to this policy will be at the sole discretion of the management, depending on the criticality of the case.
Any breach in this policy can result in disciplinary action.
Management reserves the right to change/amend the policy.
Table below illustrates the above points:

Year Entitlement Utilisation Carry Forward Remarks Max Utilisation Leave Encashment per year
Year 1 30 paid leaves Min 5 days 25 Days Only 30 days carry forward will be allowed. All balance will lapse effective Dec 31 30 days or prorated amount depending on date of joining
No Leave encashment at the end year. Unavailed leaves will be encashed only in case of exit or retirement
Year 2 30 paid leaves Min 5 days 30 days Max 55 days (30 current year + 25 carry forward from last year)
Year 3 30 paid leaves Min 5 days 30 days Max 60 days (30 current year + 30 carry forward from last year)
Year 4 30 paid leaves Min 5 days 30 days Max 60 days (30 current year + 30 carry forward from last year)

Leave Without Pay (LWP):
• Any sanctioned leave which does not fall under any of the above categories (i.e. Sick, Earned, Paternity or Maternity Leave) will be considered as Leave without Pay.
• Leave taken over and above the leave sanctioned will be considered as absence unless applied for and sanctioned.
• In case of overstay of any leave, and reasons for over stay not being sufficient, the period of overstay will be continued to be treated as ABSENCE and can call for disciplinary action. If leave is taken, it can be extended only after approval by the concerned supervisor.
• In case of LWP and ABSENCE, proportionate reductions will take place in the following:
 Monthly salary, savings and other benefits
 Annual reimbursements, bonus and other entitlements

Public Holidays
HR will circulate a list of all company holidays at the beginning of each calendar year.
Holidays during Leave:
Weekends/Public holidays will not be considered as leave, if they fall within the total leave period. However, in case of ML and LWP all the intervening days i.e. Saturday, Sunday and holidays will be counted as Leave/LWP as the case may be.
For employees on roster all the leaves will be calculated on the actual number of days they are away from work i.e. Saturday, Sunday and holidays will be counted.

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