Internal job posting policy


 Liveupx Private Limited encourages promotions from within the company. Qualifications, past performance, ability and seniority of all those interested will be considered in the selection process. When a job vacancy occurs, employees may follow the job requisition process to indicate their interest in being considered for the vacant position.
Recruitment for a position occurs internally and externally simultaneously. When a vacancy occurs at a department and an employee of that department meets the minimum qualifications, the employee may be promoted/reclassified and the job bid process may be waived. When a vacancy occurs at a department and an employee of another department meets the minimum qualifications, the employee may be transferred/promoted/reclassified and in this instance the job requisition process may also be waived. It is intended that the job requisition process will be used as often as practicable as a means of filling vacant positions.
Human Resources will be responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy and procedure.
Staff members who have completed their introductory period in their current positions are eligible to apply for a posted position under this procedure.
Any exceptions to the eligibility requirements must be approved by the Regional Department Manager.
All vacant positions will be posted in company website Now under the Company News and Announcements section on the home page. More details regarding the vacant position will be available upon requests made to Human Resource by any interested employee.
Vacancies of all positions will be posted unless it is determined to be in the best interest of the company to waive the posting period. Examples of such waivers include placement of displaced employees that are coming back from leave, portfolio reorganizations and vacancies within 90 days of filling a position when hiring managers want to consider original applicant pool candidates. All posting waivers must be approved by the Regional Department Manager.
Human Resources will be responsible for adding and removing vacant position postings on the website.
Job Requisition Process
Employees who are interested in filling a vacant position must complete a Requisition Form (available on the website) and submit to Human Resources. Requisition forms will be forwarded to hiring manager along with any performance reviews if the interested employee’s file.
All employees who meet the requirements and complete a requisition form will be interviewed by the hiring manager for the vacant position they applied for. Hiring managers will be required to inform Human Resources of their final candidate selections. If a current employee is selected as the final candidate, the hiring manager will need to complete a Personnel Action Form (PAF) to process the employee’s transfers, reclassification. Employees who are not selected as a final candidate, will be notified in writing by Human Resources. All final decisions are at the discretion of hiring manager or senior management without limitation.

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