Exit interview policy


The purpose of this policy is to identify academic, organizational or human resource factors that have contributed to an employee’s decision to leave the employment. This also helps to enable the management to identify any trends requiring attention or any opportunities for improving the management’s ability to respond to employee issues. It enables the University to improve and continue to develop recruitment and retention strategies aimed at proper talent nurturing/management.
This policy covers the procedures to be adopted when any employee of the University leave employment for whatever reason.
This policy applies in the case where in the employees who resign and get relived after serving or getting the notice period served.
A committee comprising of Manager H.R, Pro-Vice- Chancellor/ Registrar should conduct the exit interview after the confirmed leaving date has been received by HR Department of any particular staff member.
The employee will be asked a standard set of question and given a chance to discuss additional information they feel would be beneficial for the university working.
Employees are responsible for participating in the exit interview process on a voluntary basis. If an employee chooses to participate in an exit interview, he/she will be encouraged to be honest, candid, and contractive in their responses.
The information received through Exit Interviews will be confidential. No specific information that could possibly be traced back to an ex-employee will be disseminated or discussed.
The information will be analyzed regularly by Human Resources Department to identify areas or determine trends that may need to be addressed. Periodically, human resources Department will share their analysis and recommendations with designated members of the Staff/Dean/PVC/VC.
The analysis and review will include
• Appropriate statistical information regarding the number and distribution of employee departures during the preceding year and her/his reasons for leaving;
• An analysis and discussion of any trends or common themes which are suggested by the exit interview feedback.
• A summary of any actions or interventions taken during the year on the basis of exit interview information.

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