Employee Business Expense/ Reimbursement Policy

Employee Business Expense/ Reimbursement Policy

As an employee of Liveupx Pvt. Ltd, you may sometimes purchase items or services that are work-related. In many cases, we will reimburse you in part or in full. Our business expense/ reimbursement policy defines eligible expenses as well as the process for receiving reimbursement.

The policy:
Liveupx is committed to providing for the work-related needs of its employees. Where applicable, [Company name] will directly pay for items or services on behalf of employees. Employees who spend their own money for work-related items or services and can provide adequate proof of their spending within 30 days will be eligible for a partial or full reimbursement.

The scope:
This policy applies to all full-time and part-time employees and interns. Expenses incurred by independent contractors will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Reimbursable expenses:
Liveupx will reimburse employee expenses that are related to:

• Business travel and accommodation
• Local transportation
• Relocation costs
• Conferences, education, and training
• Office supplies
• Approved work-related outings, meals, or entertainment*

*These expenses must be approved prior to purchase to guarantee reimbursement. If your manager or HR does not deem them appropriate or necessary for work, the expense will not be reimbursed.

If you are at any time unsure about whether an expense can be reimbursed, always ask your direct supervisor or HR.

Non-reimbursable expenses:

Liveupx will not reimburse the following expenses:

• Any non-work-related personal purchases
• Lost personal property
• Unauthorized upgrade on a flight, accommodation, or other service
• Expenses incurred by spouses or other non-employees
• Meals or entertainment during unauthorized business meetings
• Fines incurred while driving a company vehicle

The above lists are not exhaustive. If you are at any time unsure about whether an expense can be reimbursed, always ask your direct supervisor or HR.

Reimbursement procedure:

1. Keep all original receipts for reimbursable expenses.
2. Upload a clear copy of each receipt to [name of expense software] within thirty (30) days.
3. Select the correct tax percentage (%) for your province.
4. Make sure the date of the expense is accurate.\
5. Select the appropriate category for the expense (i.e. advertising, IT, office supplies, travel, recruiting, or entertainment.)
a. Note: All meals go in the entertainment category
6. Write any additional notes or details of the expense

Failing to meet any of these requirements may delay your reimbursement.

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