Dress code policy

Dress Code Policy

It is management’s intent that work attire should complement an environment that reflects an efficient, orderly, and professionally operated organization. This policy is intended to define appropriate “Business Attire” or “Smart Casuals Attire” during normal business operations and working hours.

Dress code should be a combination of simplicity, sophistication and service. An employee should always keep in mind that he or she is representing the company. Dress code should be such that it is presentable and manageable.

Enforcement of this guideline is the responsibility of company management, Supervisor and HR personnel.

 Appropriate Business Attire

Business Attire that can be worn includes the following:

Men: Women:
 Formal shirts with buttons and collars
 Formal trousers or cotton pants
 Formal shoes  Formal shirt and pants
 Below knee length formal skirts with formal shirts,
 Salwar kameez , Churidar set, cotton kurtis
 Formal footwear

 Appropriate Smart Casual Attire

Smart Casuals that can be worn includes the following:

Men: Women:
 Casual Shirts, T – Shirts, polo neck T- shirts
 Jeans pant, Corduroy pants, Khaki pants, Cargo pants
 Sports shoes  Kurtis, T-shirts, casual shirts
 Jeans pant, Corduroy pants, Khaki pants, Cargo pants
 Below knee length skirts

 *For client meetings (on any day of the week)

o For Men - Formal shirt and pant with tie is a must. Formal blazers, suits can be optional.
o For Women - Formal shirt and pant or humble traditional wear (saree or salwar kameez).

 Unacceptable Attire

o T-shirts / Shirts with ambiguous messages or with logos of other previously worked companies.
o Tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps tops, midriff length tops, Off the shoulder tops.
o Transparent clothing (Net, Lace etc.) should be worn with appropriate length (below knee). Women especially kindly ensure slips / leggings / stockings etc are combined and complemented well with the dress option you use.
o Beach wear, Athletic wear, Workout clothes or shoes, Sweat shirts
o Provocative attire or night wear or pajamas’
o Biker shorts or Bermudas
o Unusual coloring of hair like (blue, yellow, green etc.)

The policy will be administered according to following action steps:

o If questionable attire is worn in the office, the respective department supervisor/manager will hold a personal, private discussion with the employee to advice and counsel the employee regarding the inappropriateness of the attire.
o If an obvious policy violation occurs, the department supervisor/manager will hold a private discussion with the employee and ask the employee to go home and change his/her attire immediately.
o Repeated policy violations will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

The Company reserves the right to rescind and/or amend this at any time.


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