Canteen policy

Canteen Policy


Policy Statement

The provision of an efficient and effective canteen at the school provides opportunities to reinforce healthy eating practices, provides a service for members of the school community, and presents an opportunity to raise funds.

  • Provide an effective canteen service that provides healthy food in a manner that complies with all health regulations and operates in a financially secure and professional manner.

Implementation: Setup

  • The Act requires all premises that sell, prepare, package, store, handle, serve or supply any food for sale be regarded as a food premises by the local Council. This includes the canteen. Both canteens will be registered with City Council and operate within their regulations.


  • A Canteen Manager will be appointed at both canteens to oversee the day-to-day operations of the canteen and menu selection.
  • The Canteen Manager will ensure that all health regulations and food preparation requirements are complied with, in particular the “Food Safety Program for Canteens”.
  • The Canteen Manager will be responsible for the overall cleanliness and presentation of the canteen inside and outside.
  • The Business Manager will be responsible for the oversight of the Canteen Manager and the canteen. The Business Manager will report to Council through the Finance Committee on issues concerning the canteen as well as prepare yearly profit and loss statements.

The Canteens, with approval from School Council may operate at a deficit if the College deems that the service provided to staff and students outweigh the impact of the financial loss.

  • The Business Manager will monitor the canteen as part of the EOM procedures and perform an end of year stock take.
  • Council will be responsible for maintenance and replacement of equipment.
  • School Council will be responsible for payment of all expenses including wages, licensing, gas and electricity usage, and general purchases.
  • All orders and purchases for the canteen are to be coordinated through the campuses office in line with the Financial Management and Control Policy.
  • Daily takings are to be prepared for banking by the Canteen Manager. The campus office will cross check the total as part of standard banking procedures.
  • At the discretion of the Canteen Manager, credit may be given to staff to the limit of Rs. 400 . All accounts must be settled before the end of each term.


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