Attendance and Punctually guidelines

Attendance and Punctuality Guidelines


The standard workweek schedule for all teams is as follows:


Monday to Friday

Grace Period

Team name

Team name

Team name

Work Shift













Working Saturday






Team name






Team name






Team name








The Dedicated Resources/ Employees working out of Client offices at various locations are requested to follow the work timings and schedule as per the client office guidelines. Any changes in the client schedule should be informed to the HR Team. 


Work days and Weekly offs will be as per client allocation/deployment (Monday to Friday or Monday to Saturday).


A full work day is considered only when you work for 9 hours starting from your stipulated time and half day will be considered only when you work for 5.5 hours/ less (excluding the lunch/food break) starting from your stipulated time. Saturday’s full day working will be considered on completion of 7 hours.


In an event of absence or tardiness from an assigned work schedule, the employee is required to report the absence to the concern authorities. When reporting absence, the employee must E-mail / Telephone/ SMS/ WhatsApp his or her supervisor and any HR representative only. The employee must call within two hours of scheduled start time.


An employee’s absence will be deemed unexcused when an employee fails to call in, gives a late notice, fails to give advance notice for an absence which could be anticipated, exceeds the number of length of absences as defined by policy or authorized in advance by the Supervisor or HR. Unexcused/ uninformed absentees are subject to corrective disciplinary action.


Location Heads/ Supervisors / Leads / Clients (wherever applicable), in the respective location are requested to be alert and report us of any absence or tardiness of employees in their respective locations.


Following are some points and measures that are taken and we would like every employee to remember them categorically and take a note of this:


  • Attendance Entry


  • For any attendance (IN time or OUT time) not registered on a given day, the first work e-mail (IN Time) and the last work e-mail (OUT Time) for the day will be considered along with a notification sent to the HR Team. This is applicable for all instances like (Forgot to Clock In or Clock out – online or biometric)
  • For any biometric registration, not happening/ reflecting there is a backend file which captures your attendance for the day irrespective if it does not get synced with the Online System. The same shall be referred for the correction and time reference.
  • If still in doubts, accountability, approval from the Supervisor keeping __________on CC will be taken.
  • Anyone having any issues or challenges regarding their bio-metric registrations have to be immediately brought to the notice


  • Late marks


  • Any extra minute above the stipulated Office timings will be considered to be a ‘late mark’.
  • Any late coming, informed or uninformed will be marked under ‘late mark’ and deductions will be made wherever applicable as per the rules and guidelines defined.
  • If an employee reports to work after 00 p.m. it will be considered as Half Day leave/salary deduction.
  • Group of three ‘late marks’ will result in a deduction of one half day from your balance leaves/salary.



  • Working home/ Official Tour


  • If any employee is on ‘official tour’ or on ‘work from home/ outdoor duty’ he/she must have a mail approval from his highest reporting authority of his Department in charge and submit it to the HR department for his attendance registration.
  • Absence of any official intimation will be deemed as ‘un-authorized absent’ and would be adjusted from your balance leaves/salary.
  • Work from home is approved only once a month. More than once will be deemed as Leave taken and will be adjusted from the leave balance / salary.
  • Work from home employee should be available online (E-mail/Hangout/Skype/WhatsApp/SMS) and accessible/ responsive at all time during the 9 hours of duty.


  • Leave early


  • In case any employee has to move out of the office for any personal reason except during lunch hours, he/she is required to get prior approval from his/her immediate Supervisor  and keep  HR posted.
  • Employee can leave early only once a month for an hour’s time except for Saturdays.
  • Early leave request on working Saturday’s will not be approved or accepted.


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